Who built QuantRocket & how is it funded?


I am curious who built this platform. Clearly looks like the work of skilled developers who took the time to think through the end to end process of quantitatively trading securities & abstracting away a lot of headaches.
Is this prior developers from IB, quant hedge funds/firms, or people who simply got tired of the integration hassle among different platforms?
Is it privately held or a subsidiary of a bigger firm?
What round are they in if they are a start-up?




The ownership and staff questions here are quite important and i find it worrying that no representative has replied. I find this platform amazingly interesting and am following it closely. It is even starting to get traction online, so there is a community ready to adopt it. Since it is financial software trust is a make or break aspect to growing this community and knowing who is building this would really help build trust in the community.

Please see this organic question as a wonderful opportunity to help build the community :slight_smile:


It’s reasonable to want to know. We’ll make a ticket to get some kind of about page up on the website soon.


Some information for those who are curious.


Hi Brian & Team,

Thank you for taking the time to get this up. It’s much appreciated.