Using 'quantrocket-client' in Pycharm slow


Currently trying to use ‘quantrocket-client’ to do work in Pycharm rather than the Jupyter web interface. I am getting the desired results, but It is running slow, this only started since I redeployed the houston container with the correct environment variables to use https instead of http.

A get_prices() request takes approx 5 seconds to complete for only one symbol and 60 data points, compared to when I used http it was much less than a second.

Is there anything I can do about this?


If you are using https for a local deployment, that is non-standard and probably the issue.


The deployment is on a AWS server, but was initially miss-configured using the local docker-compose. When it was running like that, a get_prices() ran almost instantly. Now the deployment is still on AWS, but with the cloud docker compose, so using https instead of http.

I have attached a photo of get_prices() query, Ideally I would like the time to be much shorter, is this possible?


I’m also interested in finding a solution to this problem.


I am able to replicate this issue so I will make an internal ticket. As a workaround you might want to stick to JupyterLab and Theia in the meantime.