Use of docker-machine when deploying on cloud


Do we have to use docker-machine to deploy on cloud? Can I create an instance and follow the Linux installation guideline?
It appears working except that the authentication and encryption do not seem to work.
I added the following to the docker-compose.override.yml (with environment variables properly set up)


But then “https://” cannot connect.

If I comment out LETSENCRYPT_DOMAIN, then the JupyterLab is available at port 1969, but no authentication.

So, are the authentication and encryption work only with docker-machine, or am I missing something else?

Thank you.


Just to add, with LETSENCRYPT_DOMAIN, quantrocket houston ping error out (“Connection refused”).
If I run docker ps, I seem to see houston is listening on port 443,

but netstat -ltnp | grep -w ':443' returns nothing…


I just realised docker-compose files are different from Linux and cloud and I am missing the following:

  - '443:443'
  - '80:81'

Correcting that, it works fine…