Sharadar Collect History Not Working


I have a subscription to Sharadar for one exchange, but when I run collect_history() I see in the logs that I’m only receiving the sample set from the logs:

Collecting all available SAMPLE history from Sharadar
Saved 30750 total Sharadar records for 6 total securities to quantrocket.history.sharadar-1d-b.sqlite

I then imported and used get_license_profile(force_refresh=True) and it displayed the following output (removed my license key for security):

 'exchanges': ['NASDAQ'],
 'plan': {'name': 'Bottle Rocket (Annual)', 'currency': 'USD'},
 'add_ons': {'Sharadar Fundamentals - 1 exchange (Monthly)': {'datasets': ['fundamentals'],
   'history': 5,
   'exchanges': 1,
   'base_plan_is_compatible': True}}}

Any idea what could be happening?


The license output shows you are subscribed to fundamentals but you’re trying to collect prices. Prices requires one of the other Sharadar subscriptions.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks B.