Seem to not have permissions to collect_history


from quantrocket.launchpad import start_gateways

from quantrocket.master import collect_listings
collect_listings(exchanges=[“NYSE”], sec_types=“STK”)

from quantrocket.master import download_master_file
download_master_file(“usa_stks-2.csv”, exchanges=[“NYSE”], sec_types=“STK”)

from quantrocket.master import create_universe
create_universe(“usa-stk-2”, infilepath_or_buffer=“usa_stks-2.csv”)

from quantrocket.history import create_db
create_db(“usa-stk-1d-p-2”, universes=“usa-stk-2”, bar_size=“1 day”, primary_exchange=True)

from quantrocket.history import collect_history

When I implement the above code everything is fine until the last 2 lines where it seems that I don’t have permissions for any of the stocks. I went over everything here (except the TWS step because it won’t run on my computer) Error code 162: Historical Market Data Service error message:No market data permissions and I wasn’t able to resolve anything.
Is it possible that it’s because I’ve just subscribed to NYSE today that IB is saying I don’t have permissions? Help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.


Yes it is possible, particularly if you were already running IB Gateway at the time you subscribed to the market data. I would try stopping and restarting IB Gateway and try again.