Quantrocket on Kubernetes? Possible? Examples?


I’m running Quantrocket 1.9.0 in a VM of a local machine.

I would like to migrate to Kubernetes (1.17 in case it makes any difference). To that end I have tried to run it with Kompose, which fails reporting incorrect version of ‘docker-compose’ file (‘2.2’, but only ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ supported).
So I changed the version to ‘2’ and ran it, but it dumped a host of errors on the console.

Reviewing the ‘docker-compose’ file I notice that there are a large number of directories which all need to be mapped to some central storage.

So my question: Has anyone tried/succeeded in running Quantrocket on (bare-metal) Kubernetes?
If so, can you please share some hints and pointers! That would be much appreciated!


We don’t have any guidance on that, as we think Docker Compose is the better choice for most of our users. What problem are you trying to solve or what are you hoping to gain by using Kubernetes?


Sorry for late reply!

Docker Compose lets all docker instances run in one and the same VM or Host.
The following improvements can be achieved using Kubernetes:

  1. Let the Orchestration tool balance the load and guarantee up-time. An example is when security patches have to be applied one may need to restart the underlying VM, which is not necessary when using Kubernetes
  2. Hardware resources can better be used when not dedicated to a specific VM
  3. Integrating QuantRocket with custom applications is better done using Kubernets, namespaces etc.

Or at least I hope to achieve those benefits by moving from VM/Docker Kompose to Kubernets.