Problem ingesting data from db


quantrocket zipline ingest --history-db ‘usa-stk-1m-p-2’

The above code produces: “msg: No data found in usa-stk-1m-p-2 matching the ingestion parameters”

I’ve just recently started collecting history for the bundle ‘usa-stk-1m-p-2’. Do I have to wait for it to complete before attempting to use zipline or is there some other issue?

Thanks in advance.


Yes please wait until it’s finished before ingesting.


Okay thanks! Is there any easy way to verify if it’s completed or not? Or if an interruption occurred? I seem to not being get the fetch messages in the log, but when I try to ingest now it produces the same error, should I restart collecting the history?


Yes it sounds like you need to try collecting the history again and monitor the logs to see what’s happening.