No trading permission for this license on a Paper Account


Trying to see generated order by executing agains Paper account:
!quantrocket moonshot trade ‘my-strategy’ --review-date ‘2019-01-01’ -o my-strategy.csv
!csvlook -I my-strategy.csv

However, I get the message that “No trading permission for this license, please check your subscription plan and account limit”. My current licence limit is $100,000 USD. But all IB paper trading accounts start with 1,000,000 USD.

What is a general approach to trade on a paper account without hitting this error?


Paper trading is not subject to the account limit but it is first necessary to connect your live account and let the software validate it. First switch to live:

quantrocket launchpad stop -w
quantrocket launchpad credentials 'ibg1' --live

Start IB Gateway and give it a minute to check your live balance. You can then run any command against the blotter to verify the error message goes away:

quantrocket launchpad start -w
quantrocket blotter positions 

Then switch back to paper:

quantrocket launchpad stop -w
quantrocket launchpad credentials 'ibg1' --paper