"No permission for exchange ARCA" running 'equities-intro' from Codeload Library


I’m running into an issue running equities_intro/Part1-Collect-Listings.ipynb on this line:

from quantrocket.master import collect_listings collect_listings(exchanges="ARCA", sec_types="STK")

HTTPError: ('403 Client Error: FORBIDDEN for url: http://houston/master/securities?exchanges=ARCA&sec_types=STK', {'status': 'error', 'msg': 'No permission for exchange ARCA. (View license details if this is unexpected, see http://qrok.it/h/lkey for help)'})

I am subscribed to the US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle (the $10 a month one), and have shared it with my Paper account as the documentation says. In QuantRocket I tried running both live and paper accounts, and the result is the same both times when I hit this line. I went to IB’s Market Data Assistant tool, and when I search ARCA, my Value Bundle shows up in the result. I also tried “NYSE” as the exchange in the code, but received the same HTTPError.

I’m currently evaluating QuantRocket with the 14-day license (the $100k limited one).

Any ideas how I can get around this error and get the ‘equities-intro’ demo to work?

All the Best.


That’s a QuantRocket permission error. You need to select the ARCA exchange on the QuantRocket website. See the quick start notebook for help.


Thanks a lot Brian. After adding NYSE on the https://www.quantrocket.com/account/ page, I was able to successfully move on with the demo (using NYSE as exchange rather than ARCA as in previously shown example).

As a follow-up question, since I"m paying IB for the data already, why does QR limit the exchanges? i.e. Is there some additional cost to QR for allowing access to additional exchanges customers are already subscribed to from IB?

All the best.


The Bottle Rocket plan is limited to 1 exchange to encourage users to upgrade to an unlimited plan. :slight_smile: