Market Data Not Subscribed


I am a subscriber of market data, with out issue i can pull it up in TWS or even using a third party IB python API. I have done the following to try to solve this error. Force license update, start/stop launchpad, force “primary_exchange” I have limited the symbol to one STK at a time trying BAC, APPLE,MSFT all the main ones and I still get this error. My data IS being shared with the paper account. I have tried logging into both live/paper accounts. all resulting in the same data error

“2019-02-10 08:39:54 quantrocket.history: WARNING [qmom-test-1d3] IB reports no market data subscription for BAC STK (conid 10098), please enable subscription in IB Account Management for the username associated with ibg1, see http://qrok.it/h/err/162/md for more help (error code 162: Historical Market Data Service errormessage:No market data permissions for NYSE STK)”


SOLVED after cancelling market subscriptions and subscribing the error has gone away.