'install-packages' not working


Creating a quantrocket.satellite.pip.txt and running:

from quantrocket.satellite import execute_command

Is currently not installing packages for me. Any ideas?


Does the command return a success message? Stream the detailed logs before running the command; you should see the packages getting installed, or else an error message.

Also, note that this will only install the packages in the satellite container, not in any other containers.


I do get a success message.
What’s needed to make the packages available for Moonshot strategies?


Also - the package works from console + notebooks, just not from a Moonshot strategy file.
The import fails with quantrocket_flightlog_1|2019-04-01 18:03:11 quantrocket.moonshot: ERROR Unable to import /codeload/moonshot/<filename>.py due to error: No module named <module>


The current approach is to open a shell inside the Moonshot container and install the packages from there: https://www.quantrocket.com/docs/#containers-enter-a-container

Don’t forget to restart the Moonshot container afterwards so it sees the changes. For now you’ll have to repeat these steps after re-creating the container (e.g. software updates).

I can’t explain why the jupyter container would also have the package you installed on the satellite container.


Gotcha - I thought it was propagated everywhere :slight_smile:
Works now.