IB account login from outside Quantrocket


I have recently started using QuantRocket and it’s wonderful!

I did a cloud deployment of this and connected my live and paper accounts. All went well in that regard.

When I try to view my IB account through mobile app or web portal, I am unable to log into it.
Attaching a screenshot from the app,

When I proceed to click on Ok, I get this

This is effectively preventing me from logging in from outside QuantRocket.

During these logins, I see QuantRocket is disconnecting with IB gateway and establishing connection again.

I want to place some manual trades at times, or exit trades from outside QuantRocket. How will I be able to do that?

I live in a country where adding a second user is not allowed, so that option is out for me.



You will just need to start and stop IB Gateway accordingly.


Umm, does this mean I will have to access to running instance all the time to switch between logins?


Either that or schedule it.


@brian is there a solution if you can have another ibg user?
Potentially in the docker-compose.override.yml in the multiple gateways section?


If you have a second user, you can use one login for QuantRocket and one login for yourself. Or you can run multiple IB Gateways as described in the docs and stop one of the Gateways (manually or scheduled) when you need to log in yourself.


Hi Brian, do you mean:

  • second user on IB, OR
  • second user like ibg1, ibg2, ibg3, OR
  • second user on QR itself?

I want to clarify I am using ibg1 = IB-paper-credentials; therefore, I can login to my live account manually (app or TWS) and submit manual orders.
I’m wondering how to login to my paper-account manually while also paper-trading via QR without scheduling/manual gateway stops.

Open 2 IB usernames for the same account.
For the community, @walter.kissling1 pointed me to Individual account holders have the ability to add multiple users to their IBKR account. The account holder may wish to add a second user registered under their own name for the purpose of opening two TWS sessions simultaneously (one for normal access and the other for connecting via an API).