How to view data stored in database (postgresql) and How it is different from master database


I am facing difficulty to retrieve data from database using stock codes in a database, could anyone share me the details regarding my following questions:

  1. What is master database? how it is differ from user created database?
    2)How retrieve the data from user stored database based on stock codes?
    3)Is it possible to view Postgre SQL structure which are created during data fetching? If so, how?
  2. Where to create Python script (.py files) to handle queries.

Thanks in advance.


The securities master database contains attributes of the security such as symbol, currency, sector, etc. User-created databases contain price data. They are linked to each other by the ConId column which contains the security’s unique ID. If you want to query by symbol you must look up the conid in the securities master database. Or you can query by universe which is the usual way of doing it. I suggest working carefully through the equities intro tutorial to understand these concepts.

Direct database access is documented in the usage guide.

In the documentation and tutorials you will find more thorough answers to your questions than the quick pointers I can provide here.


Thanks for the valuable information. Could you please share any examples of queries, which are used to query from master table symbols with price table.

Thanks in advance.