How to terminate an existing deployment


I have QuantRocket running on AWS and a remote machine. Now I would like to stop using QuantRocket on the remote machine, and use it on a new remote machine.

When I try to activate QuantRocket on the new machine, it says “…2 of 2 concurrent installs are already in use for this license key, please terminate an existing deployment”.

How can I terminate one of the other deployments?


To terminate a cloud deployment:

cd /path/to/quantrocket
docker-machine env quantrocket
# run the command it outputs to activate the remote environment
docker-compose down

For a local deployment it’s just:

cd /path/to/quantrocket
docker-compose down

If you’re running version 1.9, the terminating deployment will immediately de-register itself to release its slot for the new deployment. If you’re running an earlier version, you’ll have to wait five minutes for the deployment’s registration to naturally expire.