How to access sample data (EUR.USD) in the free version of QuantRocket?


Can I run the analysis “Forex Business Day Strategy” with the free version of QuantRocket?
The analysis requires 1-hour bars for EUR.USD which I thought was included in the free sample of QuantRocket.
Unfortunately, when I try to access the fiber-1h data (prices = get_prices(“fiber-1h”, fields=“Close”)), I get an error:
NoHistoricalData: (‘400 Client Error: BAD REQUEST for url: http://houston/history/fiber-1h.csv?fields=Close’, {‘status’: ‘error’, ‘msg’: ‘no history matches the query parameters’})

I could not collect the data from IB neither because the free version of QuantRocket does not allow to start IB Gateway.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,



You can connect to IB Gateway with the free version and get the data that way. If the software doesn’t allow you to start IB Gateway then check if you are using an old version.


OK. Thanks. It works now. I thought the free version of QuantRocket did not require activation.

In order to start IB Gateway, you need to activate the license first:

quantrocket license set ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’

and to set your IB credentials:

quantrocket launchpad credentials ‘ibg1’ --username ‘myuser’ --paper # or --live

See https://www.quantrocket.com/docs/#deploy-license-key for more details.