Getting Stock Type


Is there a way to get the Stock Type field that appears in the IB contract database?

I am trying to exclude any stocks that are organized as Limited Partnerships. A stock like BX, on the IB contract database it shows that it’s an LP. Here’s the link.


I don’t know if this info is available in the API but maybe in the listings collection?



It would be very nice to have in the API and I’ve put in a feature request: https://github.com/InteractiveBrokers/tws-api/issues/839

It would be prohibitive to try to get it from the website for so many listings especially since IB uses Captcha for that tool.

We’re also currently working to partner with another data provider who does have this information.


Ok, thanks. I found a workaround for the time being using the OpenFIGI API and querying by ISIN from the QR database.