Expected Moonshot directory /codeload/moonshot does not exist


I am new to quantrocket and I have a question about error as “expected Moonshot directory /codeload/moonshot does not exist inside the moonshot service, please create the directory in the codeload volume and make sure the moonshot service mounts the codeload volume in your Docker Compose file”. I use the command “docker-compose -p quantrocket up -d --force-recreate moonshot” to fix the problem as suggested but it has another error as “ERROR: In file ‘.\docker-compose.yml’, service ‘restart’ must be a mapping not a string.” Could anyone help me with it? Thank you very much.


It seems like there is incorrect indentation in your Compose file: “restart” should be a key under each service but Docker is treating it as a service. Try re-downloading the Compose file from the website.


Hi Brian,
It works now. Thank you very much for the help. Appreciate it.