ERROR error fetching exchange rates


I upgraded to the latest version (‘quantrocket/account:1.3.0’) but still see the following error:
quantrocket.account: ERROR error fetching exchange rates, will try again shortly: ‘rates’

as per a previous post of Brian, this was resolved in 1.2 version.
is it a regression? or something I missed to do?


Can you run docker ps to confirm that you’re really running quantrocket/account:1.3.0?

If you are, can you check the detailed logs (quantrocket flightlog stream -d) for a traceback and post it?


ran docker ps and I can see account:1.2.0 (fix is in 1.2.1)
so now the question I have is why do I see a different version in docker-compose.yml?
(yesterday I did a full upgrade with a completely new docker-compose.yml file)

does that mean the ‘account’ was not upgraded?
I am rerunning another upgrade and will see if the 1.3.0 will be picked up.


it seems there was an issue with my upgrade.
I reran the upgrade and no longer see it with version 1.3