Cannot View IB Gateway


Hi Brian,

I’m getting the starting/restarting message. I have started and stopped the gateways multiple times, but still receive this message:

I am not able to view the IB Gateways anymore either. You can see it’s working to connect to them but this is the link it hangs on. It’s just a blank page.




After a few restarts and messing around, I’m back here. Was able to get IB Gateway viewable once I copied and pasted the given link into a new window.

I’m not connected to any other TWS session (what the error is saying). I’ve double checked and quick both my computer TWS and iOS IBKR app. But now I’m back to the market data farm not connecting:


It seems you are still running multiple gateways. Try the steps I mentioned here:

Failing that, I would reinstall and only run one gateway. Once you have everything working with 1 gateway, if you have a second login you can add another gateway. Simple first, then complicated.


Hi Brian I did try removing the ibg2 in the override. I even went as far as removing the override entirely.
During a potential re-install, will docker overwrite the previous configuration with docker compose up -d —remove-orphans, or would I need to stop & remove all containers?
I will try simple again before a complete reinstall.


For anyone wondering I solved using Brian’s recommendations. Here is the link on the other feed: