AWS Non-Custom IP Address Installation


Hi guys,

I’m following the AWS Installation tutorial here for Mac: https://www.quantrocket.com/installation/cloud/.

Issue: I cannot open the Jupyter notebook at end using the IP address supplied by the EC2 instance (yes I tried typing https:// in front of IP too).

Have tried:
I have no problem installing docker locally, or creating an example EC2 instance w/ IAM credentials.
At the end, however, I cannot connect to the IP address I received after doing:
$ docker-machine ip quantrocket (gives some EXAMPLE_IP_ADDRESS to EC2 instance).

Things I did that differ from tutorial:

  1. –amazonec2-region us-west-1 (rather than us-east-1)
  2. $ echo ‘export HOUSTON_DOMAIN=EXAMPLE_IP_ADDRESS’ >> ~/.profile
  3. I also tried not declaring HOUSTON_DOMAIN as I didn’t have a custom Domain (I tried this after tearing down the EC2 instance and starting over).

I feel like I’m making some mistake by not adding a correct port to the HOUSTON_DOMAIN environment variable, or by suppling this var incorrectly as I don’t have a custom domain.

During the second attempt of tutorial, from the ground up, I received a warning after $ docker-compose -p quantrocket up -d:
WARNING: Connection pool is full, discarding connection: EXAMPLE_IP_ADDRESS.

I have restarted the process by deleting the EC2 instances and using:
$ docker-machine rm quantrocket

Thanks for your help.


You can’t enter an IP address as HOUSTON_DOMAIN. You have to enter a domain that points to the IP address.


Hi Brian, thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, but how do I do the cloud installation without a custom domain?
I’m saying I try opening up the IP given to me and I still get a website error (it doesn’t show up).

  1. Are you stating I MUST have my own domain to do the cloud installation?
  2. Does the region matter (I have chosen west-1)?
  3. Does my account have to be connected to a working subscription of QuantRocket (I had pulled the plug on the initial email I used to create the account). Do I need to re-create subscription with new email?
  4. Does the instance type matter; for example will the jupyter notebook not run if I’m just testing it out with a t2.large instance instead of something bigger like a p2.xlarge?


You can’t use an IP address. As a general rule, if you diverge from the documentation you can’t expect things to work properly.


Looks like I’m getting a new domain!
Thank you.