ARCA ETF tickers not availble


Hi all,

I can’t find the following tickers when I collected listings: VNQI, IGF, AAXJ, CWI, CEMB, EZU, HEFA, ICVT, QUAL, USMV, VFMO, VLUE. These tickers are available when I search the ARCA listings on the IB website. https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=2222&exch=ARCA&showcategories=ETF#productbuffer


I get:

quantrocket.master: INFO Saved 1 ARCA listings to securities master database (ignored listings for BATS (8), NASDAQ (3))

ARCA is not the primary listing exchange for most of them so they won’t be collected for ARCA. They would be collected for BATS or NASDAQ. See the docs for more explanation.