Adding ibg2 and starting gives error


i have just added a second ibg2 gateway and set the credentials.
ibg1 starts successfully.
however when i start ibg2 with the command

quantrocket launchpad start --gateways ‘ibg2’ --wait
gives the error:
msg: ‘500 Server Error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR for url: http//houston/ibg2/gateway?wait=True:
b’’{“status”,“error”, "IB Gateway should be running but is not accepting
connections. Please open the IB Gateway GUI to trobleshoot …
startus: error
opening novnc shows i have 2 api clients connected.
I am able to login with trader workstartion to this account.
i have set the api settings to use master api client id: 6000.
any help to identify what is wrong would be appreciated


Did you try stopping and restarting ibg2?


Any update on this?
All 3 of my IB connections have gotten this flag. Was working fine 2 hours ago.