2 instances of quantrocket: local drive + AWS. possible?


Is it possible to have 2 instances installed of quantrocket with the same account?
I need to keep my local instance installed on my drive. And at the same time I want to experiment having one on AWS that I can access remotely from anywhere.

is it possible to do with a same account of quantrocket?

NB: Only one of them will be running at the same time i.e. if I run the local drive, I won’t need the AWS and if I run the instance on AWS I won’t run the local drive one.


Yes, it’s possible, and yes, you’re allowed to use the same license key on 2 machines. IB won’t let you connect to the same account via IB Gateway at the same time from two different IP addresses, but you can run the QuantRocket deployments at the same time as long as you’re not running IB Gateway on both of them.